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States are required to submit Emissions Inventories of air pollution sources to US EPA. These include major stationary sources (industrial facilities normally called Point Sources), area sources (small facilities which include many individual locations, such as gas stations, dry cleaners, etc.), and mobile sources (cars, trucks, boats, etc.). Only stationary sources are required to be reported to US EPA every year. Area and mobile sources are reported every three years. The most recent three-year inventory was 2011. We are currently in the beginning stages of preparing the 2013 Point Source inventory.

Once gathered, this data is used in verifying whether air programs previously enacted are having the desired effect and to plan what air programs are necessary in order to ensure air quality is improved or maintained.


We have replaced our old point source emission inventory software (i-STEPS) with the new State and Local Emission Inventory System (SLEIS).  West Virginia is one of several state and local air pollution agencies using the SLEIS software.  i-STEPS is no longer usable for submittal.  The following announcements refer to the status of the 2013 Point Source inventory and the SLEIS software.

In order to use SLEIS an account must be established for you.  If you have not already done so, please download, complete, save, and email the following form to: dep.aei@wv.gov.

SLEIS Registration Form.doc

Note: Please send the completed MS Word file as an editable email attachment, so that we can extract the data entered in the fields.

  • A training workshop for SLEIS was held at the Charleston DEP Headquarters on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. The contractor recorded the webinar as WMV files and has sent it to us with no post-processing.  We have posted the unedited recordings here.  Due to the file sizes (about 74MB and 97 MB) the files may need to be downloaded to your computer before being viewed

    Note that the first 3 minutes of the morning session contains opening remarks and is a bit hard to hear.

    Morning Session
    Afternoon Session  

    The PowerPoint used in the recording can be viewed separately here Workshop Power Point 



Please click here for a list of supporting documentation and forms for download.


The following document contains Questions and Answers related to SLEIS and the SLEIS Training Workshop. As we respond to additional questions, the list will be updated.

Questions and Answers related to SLEIS.doc
QA document last updated 11/01/2012

Reach us at:
304-926-0499 - Voice
304-926-0479 - Fax


Contact Person

 Area of Specialty



Bob Betterton   - Supervisor
   - General Questions
robert.j.betterton@wv.gov 304-926-0499
Ext. 1241
David Fewell  - Point Sources david.r.fewell@wv.gov  304-926-0499
Ext. 1255
Mindy Hendrickson  - Area Sources mindy.hendrickson@wv.gov 304-926-0499
Ext. 1360
-- vacant --   - Mobile Sources
   - Oil & Gas
   - GHGs

Dave Porter   - SLEIS
     Administrator &  
     tech support
   - Emissions
     Inventory Web 
david.j.porter@wv.gov 304-926-0499
Ext. 1699

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