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*DRAFT* Natural Gas Facility Class II General Permit G70-B

The requirements and conditions of this general permit address the prevention and control of regulated air pollutants from eligible natural gas production facilities.

Once General Permit G70-B is issued, General Permit G70-A will continue to exist. However, there will be no future registrations, modifications or administrative updates allowed to registrations issued under this permit. If a registrant wishes to modify an existing registration under General Permits G70-A it must be done so under General Permit G70-B.


Please place documents in the following order

General Permit G70-B

Public Notice


Fact Sheet


Annual Certification

Alternative Operating Scenario Notification

General Permit G70-B  

Public Notice    
General Permit G70-B Application     
Fact Sheet  

General Permit G70-B Registration  

G70-B Annual Certification     
G70-B AOS Notification     


111(d) Comments



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