Adopt A Highway Program

* If you are already registered with us and would only like to make a new adoption
or if your organization is new and would like to adopt more than one section or roadway,
please call 1-800-322-5530 or email us at to do so

Thank you.. 



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Adopt A Highway Printable Forms

AAH Application Form
AAH First Cleanup and Sign Order Form
AAH Name Change on Recognition Sign Form
AAH Renewal Form
Cleanup Fax Report
Change Route Request Form


Adopt A Spot Printable Forms

AAS Application Form
AAS First Cleanup and Sign Order Form
Name Change on Recognition Sign Form
AAS Renewal Form
Cleanup Fax Report


Frequently Asked Questions

Who may Adopt-A-Highway?
Individuals, families, churches, businesses, schools, civic organizations, government agencies, fraternities and communities.

What roads may be adopted?
Almost any state maintained road: dirt roads, back roads, main routes. Private roads and interstate highways may NOT be adopted. Roads deemed unsafe will NOT be approved for adoption.

What does it cost?
The state disposes of bagged trash and furnishes garbage bags, signs, work gloves and safety vests. Volunteers provide time and energy.

Are adopted highways identified?
Volunteer group names are posted on signs at each end of the adopted road about 60 days after the first cleanup is reported.

Adopt-A-Highway Rules

  • Volunteers must be at least 12 years old to participate in this program.
  • Adopting groups must clean adopted roads with their own membership and may not subcontract the work.
  • Adopted roads must be two continuous miles long. NOT adoptable are: two separate one-mile sections, one mile on each side of a highway, T-shaped or L-shaped sections.
  • Adoptions are for two years and are renewable.
  • Litter must be picked up at least three times a year, at least 30 days apart and each cleanup must be reported.
  • Adopters must notify the Division of Highways county garage three days prior to each cleanup.
  • All volunteers are required to watch the Adopt-A-Highway Safety Video prior to picking up litter.
  • Safety vests furnished by the state must be worn by all volunteers during cleanups.
  • “Litter Cleanup Ahead” signs must be posted during cleanups.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to recycle items found on roadsides.


Adopt-A-Spot Program: Adopt-A-Spot is an extension of the Adopt-A-Highway Program and allows volunteers to adopt smaller sections of state roadside rights-of-way for the purpose of keeping them litter free. One recognition sign bearing the adopters name will be posted on site after the first litter cleanup. All Adopt-A-Highway rules apply to Adopt-a-Spot, with the following exceptions:

  • The adopted “Spot” may be no longer than ¼ mile in length.
  • There is no age limit. However, the state may deny unsafe areas based on the age of the volunteers.

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