Program Organization


601 57th Street, S.E., Charleston, WV 25304

Northern District
101 Cambridge Place, Bridgeport, WV 26330

Southern District 
254 Industrial Drive, Oak Hill, WV 25901



(304) 926-0499

(304) 842-1900

(304) 465-1911

(304) 926-0489


  • Chief's Office- Robert Rice, Chief
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1476
  • Administration- Provides administrative support to management, facilitates media, and corresponds directly with the public.  Lends additional support to AML Chief as required.
    Wendy Luther,  Adminstrative Services Assistant
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1462
  • Construction- Provides construction monitoring and inspection on AML reclamation projects during construction period.  Performs post-inspections and performs project maintenance as required.
    • Northern Regional Engineer: Ron Lane, P.E.
      (304) 842-1900
    • Southern Regional Engineer: Allen Wood, P.E.
      (304) 465-1911
  • Contract Design- Staff selects & contracts design firms to prepare plans and specifications for AML reclamation projects.  
    Nick Estes, P.E., Program Manager
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1476

  • In-House Design- Staff prepares plans and specifications for AML reclamation projects.  Group is also the primary contact for refuse removal and enhancement projects.
    Mike Cutright, Program Manager
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1476

  • Emergencies- Conducts all AML complaint investigations, and, in conjunction with the U.S. Office of Surface Mining, implements an expediated bidding process to complete AML emergency projects.
    Jason Foster, P.E., Program Manager
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1752

  • Planning- Prioritizes what sites should be reclaimed, determines if sites are eligible, and completes environmental assessments for each site.
    Travis Parsons, Program Manager
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1670

  • Realty- Obtains right of entry agreements from all parties having an ownership interest in property affected by AML reclamation projects.
    Malcolm Allison, Program Manager
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 43201

  • Waterlines- Conducts feasibility studies to determine source water impact percentage, and then administers waterline projects to mitigate and/or abate those source water impacts.
    Jonathan Holbert, P.E., Waterline Coordinator 
    (304) 926-0499, ext. 1459

 Please direct all web inquiries to Mandy Strader.

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