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The Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan strives to clean up West Virginia and rid the state of unsightly litter. The REAP- The Next Generation initiative harbors all of the state cleanup programs within the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. REAP is a powerful force in the campaign against illegal dumping and littering.

REAP focuses on cleanup efforts from both program staff and volunteers statewide. In a unique partnership, the program empowers citizens to take ownership of their communities by providing technical, financial, and resource assistance in cleanup efforts.

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Upcoming Events:

2015 Adopt-A-Highway Fall Cleanup
September 26, 2015

To register your group, or for more information, call 1-800-322-5530.


REAP In The News:

2015 Great Kanawha River Clean-Up Conducted Sep. 6th


On Saturday, September 5th, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) sponsored the 26th Annual Great Kanawha River Cleanup. Over 100 eager volunteers turned out to help clean up five sites along the river from Gauley Bridge to Winfield, removing more than two tons of litter and debris.

If you want to be part of next year’s Great Kanawha River Cleanup, or just learn more about REAP’s volunteer programs, contact us at 1-800-322-5530 or by email at


2015 Recycling Grants awarded (Dec. 16, 2014)


Thirty recipients were awarded grants today worth $1.8 million through the REAP (Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan) Recycling Assistance Grants program, sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.


DEP Cabinet Secretary Randy Huffman presented the 2015 grants during a ceremony at the agency’s headquarters in Kanawha City. Grants were awarded to state solid waste authorities, county commissions, municipalities, private industries and nonprofit organizations to assist them in their recycling efforts.


Funding for the Recycling Assistance Grants Program is generated through the $1 assessment fee per ton of solid waste disposed of at in-state landfills and is provided by WV Code 22-15A-19(h) (1).

Please click here for the full 2015 Recycling Grant press release

DEP approves 30 applicants for the FY2015 CED recycling grants


Thirty applicants have been approved for grants totaling $183,416 in the Department of Environmental Protection’s Covered Electronic Devices (CED) Recycling Grant Program, DEP Cabinet Secretary Randy Huffman announced.

Established in 2008 under the DEP’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP), the CED Program requires that electronics manufacturers register their brands with the state. The fees collected from this program allow counties and municipalities to apply for CED grants to conduct electronic collection events (e-cycling) and support ongoing collection programs.

The goals of the program are to establish a registration process for manufacturers of covered electronic devices, to determine if manufacturers have adopted or implemented a free take-back/recycling program for their products and to award recycling grants to counties and municipalities for recycling or other programs that divert covered electronic devices from the waste stream.

Please click here for the full press release

FY2015 REAP Litter Control Grants Awarded


Randy Huffman, Cabinet Secretary of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection announced the recipients of the WV Department of Environmental Protection REAP Litter Control Matching Grants.  There were 23 individual applicants approved for amounts totaling $54,518.47.  The grants were awarded to state solid waste authorities, county commissions and municipalities.  Funding for the litter control program is generated through Legislative Rule §22-15A-4; “For unlawful disposal of litter, the circuit clerk shall deposit 50% of all civil penalties into the Litter Control Fund.”

Click here for the full press release

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