Tank Closure Guidance

Interim Tank Closure

Specific rules governing the permanent closure of a regulated AST is promulgated in WV State Rule Title 47 Series 63.  Please refer to Subsection 11.3 - Permanent Closure of Regulated AST Systems.

An owner or operator who plans to permanently close an AST system must notify the WVDEP Secretary, in writing, and provide a written closure plan at least 30 days prior to beginning the closure, unless the action is in response to a corrective action ordered by the Secretary.

To permanently close a regulated AST system, the owner or operator must empty and clean the AST, piping, and any associated equipment by removing all liquids and accumulated residues. The Tanks Program has developed guidance to assist the regulated community with handling tank waste and tank cleaning procedures. If you have any questions concerning the submission of proposed closure plans or updating ESS, contact Joshua Hamrick with the Tanks Program at 304.926.0499, extension 1216, or Joshua.R.Hamrick@wv.gov.

See AST permanent closure guidance
See POS vs empty and held in inventory ASTs guidance

If you have questions concerning closure sampling protocols (i.e. number of samples, sample locations, field screening, analytical methods, etc.), contact Curtis Phillips with the Leaking Aboveground Storage Tank (LAST) Program at 304.368.2000 extension 3701 or Curtis.A.Phillips@wv.gov. Additional information about the LAST Program can be found at http://www.dep.wv.gov/dlr/oer/lastmain/Pages/default.aspx.

Once the closure activities are completed, a final closure report must be submitted to WVDEP Secretary. Upon receipt of the final closure report, WVDEP will update the status of the closed tanks to permanently out of service (POS).

ASTs that have underwent permanent closure may be brought back into service; however, when these tanks are brought back into service it will be considered a “new install”. All requirements for new installs will apply to permanently out of service (POS) tanks being brought back into service.

WVDEP is working to update the Electronic Submission System to allow for an upload of closure plans and closure reports. Until such time as the ESS is operational for these purposes, written notification requesting closure number may be submitted with a proposed closure plan in the following manners:

Electronic submittals may be sent to dep.AST@wv.gov. The subject line of the e-mail should be “Closure Request”. Closure plans sent electronically should be in a .pdf or Microsoft Word format.

Hard copies may be sent to:
WVDEP/ Tanks Program, 601 57th Street SE, Charleston, WV, 25304

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